Suspected Gas Attack in Eastern Ghouta Injures Six

January 13, 2018

Suspected Gas Attack in Eastern Ghouta Injures Six


Toronto, ON- There was asuspected gas attack today in Douma City, in eastern Ghouta,at 6 a.m.

Damascus time. Victims were treated with symptoms consistent with
chemical exposure, including difficulty breathing, discreet
dyspnea, mild exaltation, no change in the iris, and the odor
of chlorine on their clothing.Five women and one child were
injured, treated, and discharged. One woman required more extensive treatment.


A Syria Civil Defense Center (White Helmets) was also attacked and put out of service in
Areeha, Idlib today.
These attacks come at a time when the siege on Ghouta has tightened dramatically and attacks
have intensified. There is a major shortage in food, clean water, medical supplies, and
medications, and there are 637 patients that are in desperate need of medical evacuation,
including over 120 children.
Dr. Ghanem Tayara, president of UOSSM said, “It is preposterous that there is another
suspected chemical attack on innocent civilians. Five women and one child were injured in the
attack, while the international community stands by and does nothing. It is a crime of war and
perpetrators must be held accountable.







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